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The Kin FAQ

What is The Kin exactly?

The Kin is a new app from the crew that brought you The Wildest, designed to make your pet parenting life actually easier. With your subscription to The Kin, you can chat with licensed pet experts 24/7 and get personalized tips, content, and more. All for $4.99/month. 

Who are the ‘experts’?

Our experts are all certified vets. On average, they have 10+ years of experience, and they’re ready to answer any questions related to behavior, nutrition, and health. You can talk with them 24/7 over chat, call, or email. They’re also total pet people, so they can help with all your questions (even the ones you’re too embarrassed to ask your vet) with no judgment. 

Do I have to commit to longer than a month?

Nope! You’ll pay for your subscription every month. You can cancel anytime, but two things to know:

1) Be sure to cancel before your monthly payment date. Once you pay for the month, we can’t offer refunds.

2) If you cancel during an active month , you’ll still have access to The Kin until the end of the pay period.

What kinds of pets do you help with?

Right now, The Kin is for dogs, cats, and their parents.

Does my subscription cover different pets? 

Yes! You can add your multiple dogs and cats (up to ten) under one subscription (five of each).

Is it available outside the US?

At this time, The Kin app is only available in the US through the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

What are the terms of use?

Check them out here.

How do promo codes work?

You can enter your promo code before you check out. Just a heads-up, you can only use one promo code at a time.

How can I access or update my account?

You can access your account through the “Profile” section of The Kin app. 

How can I cancel my subscription?

Just log in to The Kin app, go to the “Profile” section, and hit “Cancel subscription.”  (Though ideally, you’d stay in The Kin.)