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About Us

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Meet The Kin: one app with all your pet parent answers

When you have a question about your pet, you need advice you can actually trust. So, we created The Kin: your go-to app for everyday pet parenting.

On our app, you can talk with licensed vets 24/7 about all things pet health, behavior, and nutrition. You can read expert-curated content, personalized to you and your pet. And you can store your pet’s info and health records in one place for easy access.

All so you can make informed choices for your pet—without searching, stressing, or second-guessing.

The Kin comes from a family of pet experts: Mars Petcare

Aka the largest pet care company in the world. Never heard of Mars outside of the candy aisle? Well, Mars Petcare works across vet care, pet nutrition, animal welfare, and science and diagnostics to build A BETTER WORLD FOR PETS™. Think: everything from Greenies and Wisdom DNA tests to Banfield Hospitals and the Waltham Petcare Science Institute. And in 2019, they created Kinship—a family of brands dedicated to building a better world for pet parents too, with brands like Adopt a Pet, The Wildest, and us!

So now, we’re channeling decades’ worth of Mars Petcare expertise into our app to help every pet and parent we can.

Adopt a Pet is a leading pet adoption site that connects hopeful pet parents, shelters, rescues, and rehomers—all with the goal of helping people and pets find each other, by improving the adoption process for all. 

The Wildest is a free content site that helps new pet parents navigate the wild world of pet parenthood through every stage— with tips and tools that cover everything from shopping guides to new pet checklists.

Want in on The Kin? Subscribe for $4.99/month to get pet help anytime.