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One app for all things pet parenting

Connect with vets 24/7 and manage your pet's health records on The Kin app. So you can make more informed choices for your pet—without stressing or second-guessing.

A pet parent lying down on her bed with her dog. She is smiling and doing something on her smartphone.

Here’s what you can do with The Kin app

Talk to vets 24/7

Chat with highly trained experts and licensed vets anytime, at no additional cost.

Easily access health records

Keep vaccine records all in one place for quick and easy sharing.

Get curated content

Make informed decisions with advice handpicked by experts.

See what The Kin pet parents have to say

“I can't tell you how many times I had questions about certain things in regards to my pup. I'd google it, and could never find a definitive answer. I like using The Kin because it's reliable. It has helped me be a great pet parent to my pup." 

Sandra S.
June 28, 2023

“The Kin is always my first step when I feel something might be wrong with one of our four dogs. This app has already saved me a few vet trips and calmed my anxiety several times.”

Morgan L.
July 5, 2023

Online vet access, 24/7

Our licensed vets are here to answer all your questions—wherever, whenever. Connect via video, chat, phone, or email.

Meet a few vets

Dr. Seth Vredenburg
Dr. Seth Vredenburg
16 years of experience

“My passion is educating pet parents so they are equipped to give their pets the best care they can.”

Dr. Elisabeth Shines
Dr. Elizabeth Shines
15 years of experience

“Pets give us 100% every day. I think they are the ultimate role models.”

Dr Jovanna Radillo
Dr. Jovanna Radillo
16 years of experience

“I love helping pets stay healthy throughout their life stages and educating pet parents on how to be the best parent.”

Digital health record storage

We’ll store your pet's vaccine records and recaps of your vet chats, so you can reference them anytime. We’ll even let you know when it’s time for a booster.

Health records

Curated content

Our experts handpick content customized to your pet’s health, behavior, and nutrition needs. So you can get the personalized guidance you need for your one-of-a-kind pet.

Health advice
Behavior tips
Nutrition insight

Ready to download the app for all things pet parenting? Let's get started.